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  • When was the last time you did some drawing, worked on a craft project or invented a new recipe? If you're like most people, you probably can't remember. Our busy lives consist of constant scheduling and running from place to place. Even practising yoga can start to become just another work-out ... View Post
  • If you find you`re having a little trouble sticking to your meditation ritual, integrating some music can really help you focus and bring intention to your practice. We`ve got some great suggestions to get you started on the path to nirvana, so grab some herbal tea and your fav One by Sun Printe... View Post
  • If you're a regularly practicing yogi, you know that the time you take in your day to practice mindfully and with intention is sacred and precious. But as with any regular practice, it can sometimes get a little...routine? One way to reinvigorate your practice is by just adding a little color! I... View Post