One x Sun Studio started in 2015 with the production of beautiful printed yoga mats from original hand painted designs. Led by artist and designer, Evangelina Coleman, the brand has since evolved.

"The name comes comes from the unifying nature of the Sun and the desire to achieve oneness in everything we do."  

This idea took on deeper meaning with the birth of their daughter, Luna, in 2017. Breastfeeding & motherhood inspired Evangelina to create products that spoke to the modern mom, both in style and function. 

New to the Studio, is the introduction of nursing pillows inspired by E's desire to maintain the sacred connection between mama and baby that breastfeeding provides. 

" I loved the breastfeeding experience and I wanted my baby (& me) to be comfortable even when we weren't at home."


Our slip-on nursing pillows are handmade in Toronto with ultra soft performance pique & supple microfiber suede lining.

We use 100% hypoallergenic poly fill. 

The fabric we use is printed from original hand painted water color designs. 

Every pillow is always made with love.