If you find you`re having a little trouble sticking to your meditation ritual, integrating some music can really help you focus and bring intention to your practice.

We`ve got some great suggestions to get you started on the path to nirvana, so grab some herbal tea and your fav One by Sun Printed Yoga Mat and listen in:


    #1 Awakened Mind System by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson

To achieve higher states of consciousness, we recommend Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s, Awakened Mind System. To help you access the brainwave patterns that create artistic and spiritual breakthroughs, the Doc has created audio using pulsar frequencies…COOL!



    #2 Chanting the Chakras by Layne Redmond

With powerful trance-like drumming and authentic yoga chanting, the tribal-like sacred sounds of Layne Redmond’s Chanting of the Chakras is a great way to ground your meditation practice on the earth and create a visceral and meaningful experience with the world around you.



    #3 Sacred Love Meditations by Mirabai Ceiba

An awesome audio for couples who like meditating together and want to center their practice in love – Sacred Love Meditations from Mirabai Ceiba (a real life couple), is a collection of sacred chants and guided poses to meant expand your heart field.



    #4 Rising by Alex Theory and Shiva Rea

Meant to propel your Kundalini energy upwards, the sounds in Rising starts with slower tribal beats and increase in intensity and frequency. Perfect for a meditative experience that centers on elevation and movement.

    #5 Music as Medicine by Nawang Khechog

Grounded in Ancient traditions Music as Medicine features flutes, long horns, drums and chanting to help heal the spirit and soothe the mind. Great album to put on your ipod and meditate surrounded by nature.

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