If you're a regularly practicing yogi, you know that the time you take in your day to practice mindfully and with intention is sacred and precious. But as with any regular practice, it can sometimes get a little...routine? One way to reinvigorate your practice is by just adding a little color!

In the same way we express ourselves through art or fashion, we can use our yoga mats as a source of inspiration and empowerment!

Here are 3 reasons a Printed Yoga Mat will Elevate your Practice:

     #1  The Colors - As with all things in the natural world, color has vibrations. Each color has a different frequency that can directly affect your mood. Pinks, for instance, can neutralize aggressive energies and create calm or relaxing emotions. Take our Sunrise Warrior Mat - the pinks calm you while the violets and blues help to promote balance and interconnectedness.  Choose a printed yoga mat that has colors that you connect with and that will help focus your practice on the goals you want to achieve.

     #2  The Designs - It can be pretty boring focusing on a bland black or cobalt blue mat day in and day out! This is especially true if you're not able to take your yoga outside - East Coast, I'm talkin' to you! Along with beautiful colors, an equally gorgeous design or motif can really help inspire you to practice. The aesthetic pleasure we get from seeing art can also be experienced when practicing yoga and can really be helpful for those just starting out on their yogic journeys.
Check out our La Montana Mat for a super cool motif!

      #3  The Sacred Space - As you lay your mat on the ground during yoga class, consider that this space is sacred: It's the space you'll be exercising ancient poses meant to invoke the highest forms of knowledge and awareness! Your mat should be an expression of that intention. Practicing on our Yachay Mat, can help ground you and keep you focused and level.

Check out our 2015 Spring/Summer Collection!


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