I love discovering psychedelic folk music from the 60’s and 70’s…There’s nothing better than heading over to the beach with your trusty tote, a yoga mat and a beach towel and getting lost in the acoustic guitar solos and trance-like melodies. 


I recently found awesome group from the 70's called Heaven & Earth. In 1973, they released an album entitled 'Refuge.' The album sold 10,000 copies and has since been re-released by Lion Records in CD and LP form in limited edition quantities.

My faves: Jenny + Voice in the Wind

From www.heaven-earth-music.com: "There is an innocent beauty to this music. The songs speak to Heaven &Earth’s experiences as two young women living and traveling together. The stories they tell are about love, friendship, freedom, and a search for meaning in one’s life.  And so, with that said, we hope you enjoy the music.  It is timeless and filled with love."

Check them out on Youtube and share your thoughts!


Heaven and Earth also have their own website where you can learn more about the two ladies that founded the group and what they're up to now:



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