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  • The gorgeous and inspiring Candace from Yoga by Candace recently posted on getting fit for her upcoming book deal. We were so honored that she struck a Sirasana pose on our La Montaña Mat!

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    Yoga by Candace: How I Got in the Best Shape of My Life

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  • When was the last time you did some drawing, worked on a craft project or invented a new recipe?

    If you're like most people, you probably can't remember. Our busy lives consist of constant scheduling and running from place to place. Even practising yoga can start to become just another work-out when it’s a time slot in your phone’s calendar.

    It's important to take care of your soul and sprit in the same way you care for your body, career and family. Finding an outlet for your creativity can be a great way to feed your spirit the inspiration it needs to grow and thrive.

    Here are 3 ways you can start:

    #1  Keep a Sketchbook/Notepad – for people that aren't “artistically” inclined, don’t worry – this still applies to you. Imagine an object that resonates with you, like a flower for instance, and doodle it in your sketchbook. The same idea goes for thoughts. Drawing or writing can be extremely relaxing, inspirational and even therapeutic.

    #2 Take a Class in __________ - Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn to do? Maybe painting or sculpture, interpretive dance or music composition? The ability to create something from scratch, either conceptually or tactually, is such a gratifying and fulfilling experience. It can really inspire and fuel you. Having a creative hobby can be especially important for your spirit if you’re in a transitional career path or if you’re caught in that 9 to 5 grind.

    #3  Surround Yourself with Art – Have you ever seen a work of art that really touched you? If you have, then you know the feeling vibrates and resonates with your whole being. Putting artwork that either you or other artists have created in your home can remind you of the beauty that exists in the world. It can not only inspire your own creativity, but it reminds us that creative energy is what unites us all.

    Developing your creativity can also help in other aspects of your life, such as your career. You might find yourself becoming more versatile or thinking outside the box which can lead to highly developed problem solving skills and probably some extra high-fives at work!

    Get your Creative Juices Flowing with our NEW Tribal Sun Mat


    I, myself, was recently inspired one day while having breakfast. I was writing out a grocery list and suddenly felt the inclination to work on some new yoga mat designs. I started sketching out some shapes and patterns and soon, a new yoga mat was coming together. The creation process is truly unique for everyone but for me, it’s a time where I get lost and let my spirit connect with the pencil and paper and do whatever it wants to do. In this case, it wanted to get our NEW Tribal Sun Printed Yoga Mat out to the world.

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  • 5 Meditation Mixtape Must-Haves!

    If you find you`re having a little trouble sticking to your meditation ritual, integrating some music can really help you focus and bring intention to your practice.

    We`ve got some great suggestions to get you started on the path to nirvana, so grab some herbal tea and your fav One by Sun Printed Yoga Mat and listen in:


        #1 Awakened Mind System by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson

    To achieve higher states of consciousness, we recommend Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s, Awakened Mind System. To help you access the brainwave patterns that create artistic and spiritual breakthroughs, the Doc has created audio using pulsar frequencies…COOL!



        #2 Chanting the Chakras by Layne Redmond

    With powerful trance-like drumming and authentic yoga chanting, the tribal-like sacred sounds of Layne Redmond’s Chanting of the Chakras is a great way to ground your meditation practice on the earth and create a visceral and meaningful experience with the world around you.



        #3 Sacred Love Meditations by Mirabai Ceiba

    An awesome audio for couples who like meditating together and want to center their practice in love – Sacred Love Meditations from Mirabai Ceiba (a real life couple), is a collection of sacred chants and guided poses to meant expand your heart field.



        #4 Rising by Alex Theory and Shiva Rea

    Meant to propel your Kundalini energy upwards, the sounds in Rising starts with slower tribal beats and increase in intensity and frequency. Perfect for a meditative experience that centers on elevation and movement.

        #5 Music as Medicine by Nawang Khechog

    Grounded in Ancient traditions Music as Medicine features flutes, long horns, drums and chanting to help heal the spirit and soothe the mind. Great album to put on your ipod and meditate surrounded by nature.

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  • If you're a regularly practicing yogi, you know that the time you take in your day to practice mindfully and with intention is sacred and precious. But as with any regular practice, it can sometimes get a little...routine? One way to reinvigorate your practice is by just adding a little color!

    In the same way we express ourselves through art or fashion, we can use our yoga mats as a source of inspiration and empowerment!

    Here are 3 reasons a Printed Yoga Mat will Elevate your Practice:

         #1  The Colors - As with all things in the natural world, color has vibrations. Each color has a different frequency that can directly affect your mood. Pinks, for instance, can neutralize aggressive energies and create calm or relaxing emotions. Take our Sunrise Warrior Mat - the pinks calm you while the violets and blues help to promote balance and interconnectedness.  Choose a printed yoga mat that has colors that you connect with and that will help focus your practice on the goals you want to achieve.

         #2  The Designs - It can be pretty boring focusing on a bland black or cobalt blue mat day in and day out! This is especially true if you're not able to take your yoga outside - East Coast, I'm talkin' to you! Along with beautiful colors, an equally gorgeous design or motif can really help inspire you to practice. The aesthetic pleasure we get from seeing art can also be experienced when practicing yoga and can really be helpful for those just starting out on their yogic journeys.
    Check out our La Montana Mat for a super cool motif!

          #3  The Sacred Space - As you lay your mat on the ground during yoga class, consider that this space is sacred: It's the space you'll be exercising ancient poses meant to invoke the highest forms of knowledge and awareness! Your mat should be an expression of that intention. Practicing on our Yachay Mat, can help ground you and keep you focused and level.

    Check out our 2015 Spring/Summer Collection!


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  • 'Found this company, Tumi Jewelry, that sells fair trade jewelry and beads...I almost spent 3 whole hours browsing all the goodies their site had to offer!

    The best thing about the jewelry : apart from being completely hand crafted and fair trade, the pieces are so original and beautiful! I particularly love the jewelry from Chile...they fit into the tribal trend but are also rustic and boho...check them out!

    C1007.jpg  C1005.jpg

    Bonus: They are very reasonably priced! Definitely show them some love if you get a chance:


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  • A Hippie Throwback - Music

    I love discovering psychedelic folk music from the 60’s and 70’s…There’s nothing better than heading over to the beach with your trusty tote, a yoga mat and a beach towel and getting lost in the acoustic guitar solos and trance-like melodies. 


    I recently found awesome group from the 70's called Heaven & Earth. In 1973, they released an album entitled 'Refuge.' The album sold 10,000 copies and has since been re-released by Lion Records in CD and LP form in limited edition quantities.

    My faves: Jenny + Voice in the Wind

    From "There is an innocent beauty to this music. The songs speak to Heaven &Earth’s experiences as two young women living and traveling together. The stories they tell are about love, friendship, freedom, and a search for meaning in one’s life.  And so, with that said, we hope you enjoy the music.  It is timeless and filled with love."

    Check them out on Youtube and share your thoughts!

    Heaven and Earth also have their own website where you can learn more about the two ladies that founded the group and what they're up to now:


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