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The Mats

It's important to know about the yoga mat that you'll be downward-dogging on. That's why we've included some awesome  facts about  not just the  making of the mats, but also what they're made of.

The Art & Design Behind OBS Yoga Mats  Each of our mat themes have been thoughtfully painted by hand. The craftsmanship is evident in everything from the brush strokes to the gradations of color and the textures. This gives the mat a sense of depth and richness that will enrich your practice.

Style and Substance  Just like that rare vintage bag find or that tribal print you just can’t get enough of, we wanted our mats to compliment your lifestyle.  We love the idea of being able to express our own sense of style through the practice of yoga.

Inspiration for Elevation  Each mat design was created with love in the hopes they would bring inspiration to those who practice yoga. We wanted the colors to vibrate and resound intention and spirit. Whether you want to invoke strength, power, love, joy or just show off your free-spirit, One by Sun mats will literally set the groundwork for your ascension.



    FREE from Phthalates, Latex, Heavy Metals and Azo Dyes  Made from PVC material, our yoga mats are completely free of latex and other toxic materials.

    Non-Toxic UV Cured Ink  Safe for the environment and non-toxic, we print our mats using UV Cured inks which will never run or bleed. Once the ink is on, it's there to stay! You may experience signs of normal wear and tear over years of continued use.

    Sustainably Printed  We print our mats right here in North America.  We choose to work with a local vendor in Ontario for quick lead times, top notch quality control and to help reduce our carbon footprint.

    Stickier and Sticker Over Time  With continued use, your OBS printed yoga mat will actually get stickier! Like all printed yoga mats, a thin residue forms during the printing process but can easily be washed away with a damp cloth or a mat cleaning solution.


    *PLEASE NOTE: We do not recommend One by Sun Printed Yoga Mats for Hot Yoga.

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